With its location in the old city center, the sweetness of its skyline, the Medici Fortress that dominates it and from which it has access, is undoubtedly one of the most evocative places to visit and offers guests of our Bed & Breakfast moments of wonderful relaxation.

A public garden already in the nineteenth century, as testified by the ancient trees including the curious “fallen” pine at the foot of the entrance to the fortress, is still appreciated by tourists and by the same Arezzo who often choose it as a venue for events and shows.

Particularly during the first weekend of September, when the Giostra del Saracino borrows Piazza Vasari, the Prato is the setting for the monthly Fiera Antiquaria. Strolling among the docks filled with past, in the shade of thick foliage, lulled by the distant sound of drums, has the magical flavor of suspended time.

Reaching the Prato from the stairs of the Duomo, the attention is caught by the statue dedicated by the sculptures Alessandro Lazzerini in 1928 to Francesco Petrarca (which we remember to have been born in Arezzo in 1304). This is an imposing work surrounded by greenery that hides the small slope that leads to the aforementioned Medicean remains.