The best free solution: the Pietri Parking

Finding a convenient parking when visiting a city for the first time can be a real drama, especially when you want to reach the places of greatest historical and cultural interest without too much effort. These sites are often found in pedestrian areas or in areas with limited traffic that allow entry only at certain times of the day, if not just for residents. Generally there are two solutions: go into the historical centers risking to be delivered home a fine or salary to rely on paid parking with rates that for long periods exceed the cost of the penalty.

For those who do not know where to park in Arezzo there is a practical solution to reach the center: the Via Pietri Parking, also known as the parking of escalators. Recently built, this parking is partly paid but some areas are totally FREE and is without a shadow of doubt the best way to access the medieval part of the city.

Parked the car a few meters away you can cool off from the trip thanks to a bar open every day (except Sundays) at continuous hours and then proceed to the upper part of the city thanks to the convenient Escalators. The escalators lead from the parking lot in via Pietri to the city’s Cathedral passing through a tourist center where you can find all the information about the events taking place in our city.

For those coming by camper

Near the parking lot in Via Pietri, precisely in via Pier Luigi da Palestrina, a municipal camper area is available: the Tarlati car park. This rest area offers very comfortable car parks (4X8 meters), has excellent paving and is constantly lit. Great landing place for the motorhome has a camper service perfect in its specifications, the camper area is located in a quiet area and is very close to the historic center of Arezzo.