Italy has a number of different tourist attractions among them being the walking tours Tuscany fields. Tuscany is one of the areas in Italy with unspoilt scenery and landscape. Visitors get to enjoy the real local feel of residents. The feeling you get from walking around the valleys in Arezzo is just spectacular. You will get a chance to visit the Sepolcro town of the renaissance period, medieval hamlets the magnificent and most beautiful village of Italy called Anghiari and Casentino Park. Arezzo being a historic town in Tuscany has a number of interesting facts and intriguing historical sites.

You need not worry about where you will stay in Arezzo. Most walking holiday companies in Italy provide a number of accommodation options depending on your budget. You will be comfortable all through your stay with a majority of available offers being on bed and breakfast. It is common however to find travellers buying picnic food before they leave for their walking adventure.

The walk in Tuscany takes place along well outlined country paths that are comfortable and have manageable climbs. Most walks take about 3-5 hours to complete because of the stops visitors make to take in the beautiful scenery. The only difficulty in the whole walk is the Apennine climb which is challenging but the breathtaking panoramic view is the best reward afterwards. The experience gained on walking tours Tuscany fields is totally immersive and different. This seems from the fact that this area is rarely visited by foreign tourists meaning it still maintains the genuine of nature.

Upon arrival in Arezzo it is advisable to check in at a comfortable hotel and take the rest of the day to enjoy pleasuring yourself. You can visit different areas to view ancient architecture in Roman churches. Artistes have an opportunity to expand their scope of imagination by viewing important art works and antiques. Along the streets when walking you can also get into the workshops and shops where you will meet the locals and learn all about their culture and get to learn one or two recipes as preferred by the locals. Day two of your walk should start by visiting the Mona Lisa landscapes. You will walk through the countryside of Arezzo crossing river Arno with the possibility of walking in the background of the Mona Lisa, he greatest painting of Leonardo Da Vinci who was inspired by the landscape of the Tuscany walks.

A third day walks in the garden of Tuscany, the Val di Chiana. This is an important agricultural land whose essence is tied to local production. This is seen as you walk along the field roads of cheese, oil, fruit and wine .this land is a symbol of continuous transformation as seen by the ancient experts in hydraulic, engineering and mathematics that trodden the paths. Anyone wishing to experience romance is also welcomed to visit the hillside town of Cortona .This is one of the most romantic villages in the entire Italy. It has narrow streets that wind allowing lovers to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries before going back to Arezzo by train.

Do not eave Arezzo without visiting the national park and historical sites of the Casentino forest. Walking through the la Verna Mountain where St. Francis spent a good part of his life you will get to see towering calcareous monoliths. These have been linked to the spirituality of Saint Francis and symbolizes the harmonious existence between man and nature ever since the 13th century.

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